SF NACE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Entire Productions | Broadway Plaza Grand Opening Celebration

If you're in the events industry, your purpose is based on bringing people together to celebrate a community or group of people. Whether it's the close family & friends surrounding the lives of a bride & groom or hundreds of fans coming together to support a performance artist, we work hard as a collective to ensure that every event we produce is exciting, representative of our clients and memorable. We're excited to share that SF NACE member had a huge hand in surpassing these event production goals at the recent Broadway Plaza Grand Opening Celebration in Walnut Creek. 

This event was open to the public and every vendor in participation really took it as an opportunity to showcase their talent to the community. 

The turn out was fantastic, and Entire Productions did not disappoint, bringing in 4 performance stages, walk around interactive talent, Kids Korner, a craft table, food trucks, a VIP lounge, a parade, candy girls, and amazing live music! They made some serious statements by kicking off the party with an unbelievable amount of confetti and ended the evening with a 10 minute fireworks display!

Attendees were a great mix of local neighbors as well as guests from surrounding cities but everyone was brought together by the fun and familiar pop hits played by the Pop Rocks  and Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray even performed some of everyone's favorites! 

(Pop Rocks & Mark McGrath were presented by Swan Entertainment and Jay Siegan)

 Be sure to check out the pics we snapped and follow Entire Productions on social media, we LOVE supporting our own SF NACE community of talented event professionals.


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PS, we LOVE each and every SF NACE member-if you have an interesting project or have a really special event you'd like us to showcase, send us a message!